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Fairy Landing

28 Oct

Fairy Landing, originally uploaded by pattiebrooks.

So the fairies are landing in the Midnight Garden. See them at the Florence Events Center “Celebrate The Arts Show” opening November 2nd, 2012. I had a good time painting this one. Each of the fairies appeared on their own. The frog appeared to watch and and finally the little white cat materialized on the left. I love painting this way, where I surprise myself with the unfolding of the painting and a story that I had not imagined reveals itself to me.

Lady Bug, Lady Bug…, originally uploaded by pattiebrooks.

Here she is looking for her Nirvana. We actually have had some sunny days here on the coast of Oregon. This little lady bug is happy for the sunshine and looking forward to the spring. I am trying to get some full days in the studio to work on new paintings. When the sun is out it is hard to hole up and paint. The yard calls me and so does the beautiful coastal beaches. Not to worry another storm is brewing!

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Teacher Card

30 Jan

Teacher Card, originally uploaded by pattiebrooks.

This card I created thinking it was about trees, but later discovered it was about the teacher part of me, ” I am one who shows the path” it says.

I am so happy to be offering a workshop where I will be using the process of SoulCollage® as described in Seena B. Frost’s published works about SoulCollage®.  The two workshops will cover the two of the four suits in each class.  These classes will be like an overview.  There will be more concentrated workshops at a future time. February 12th will be the first one and February 25, the second one.   Held at my studio, Both 1-4 PM.

New Digs

24 Aug

Backstreet has some new digs!  After a wild ride of suddenly deciding to move from our home of four years Backstreet opened its new doors at 1421 Baystreet!  We miss our little house over on Laurel but love the fact that we now have customers visiting us every couple of minutes instead of hours without a visiting soul.  We get to share our art with everyone that shops Old Town now.  What a difference!

Goddess of Flight, originally uploaded by pattiebrooks.

This piece was completed recently after a dry spell of creativity and a lot of research about geese for paintings that are in the works. She was born out of the “thrift store challenge” that my altered arts group did as a project. Each of us scoured the thrift shop for items that we then re-created with lots of imagination.

The “Goddess of Flight” rules over the world of flying creatures, she is a protectress of all flying things and a talisman of courage and confidence.

The Goddess is made from a napkin holder, a metal candle holder, a wooden candle holder and a candy dish, among other things. Her face is from an old cabinet card photo.

She is the first in a series of goddesses, and is currently at the River Gallery, along with a few of her recreated friends by the Altered Arts Group.

Gathering the Qi, originally uploaded by pattiebrooks.

Even with all the creative time in the world, there is a time when a person needs to retreat to a place that feeds that individual’s soul. For each soul the place is different. One may love the power of the mountains, another may choose the sea. I have lived in the Eastern Sierras and the pull of those magnificent mountains are amazing, but my personal choice is the ocean, particularly the Oregon Coast. Though, I live here now and can be down on the beach in a flash, there is a place that captures it all for me. When I go there, I simply dissolve into nothingness. This Place is called Oregon House located about 15 miles from Florence, Oregon, and a little closer still to the tiny town of Yachats. The owner, Melita Marshall, believes that the place has been a sacred site for a millennium. The native american women resided here while the men hunted in the neighboring forest. You can feel the presence of something much more powerful than the human experience of enjoying nature. I have not met anyone who has gone to this place that has not left with a new insight into the spiritual nature of life, even if it is just a new inner peace that did not exist before. I come home refreshed and anxious to create again.

Fine Feathers II, originally uploaded by pattiebrooks.

test 2

Who are we?

13 Apr

February 2006 student masks

We really have several parts to ourselves. A student in one of our 2006 Workshops shared this concept and we began an experiment to introduce ourselves to the three main personalities.  These could of course grow to hundreds after time. (See soul collage in activities.)  Here are the main three:

  • The linear or left brained self
  • The intuitive/creative or right brained self
  • Our child self or “old soul”

By giving recognition or naming these parts of ourselves, we then become to accept all aspects of our complex being. We learn to accept these parts of ourselves as personalities, and we begin to love all of them.  Integrating them allows us to be the creative souls that we are seeking.  article continues…

If you have taken my workshop, you know that one of my biggest pieces of advice is to silence your inner critic during your creative sessions. Remember the art in your journal is what you create for you and you alone. And you know its “against the rules” to criticize your creative spirit.

So, if you have not started journaling because “you have to get it right’, forget that!… And just dive in. There are no rules.This is a place for your authentic voice to come out loud and clear. Think of your journal as your soul mate, your companion in art adventures.

article continues…