Creative Spirit Workshops

Nurturing your creative spirit within.


In 2003, Pattie Brooks-Anderson and her family moved to the Pacific Northwest town of Florence, Oregon. She has now opened her new studio for workshops and classes, and is busily working on her painting, book-making and design work.

Recently she began instruction in her home studio featuring classes in discovering one’s creative potential based on the book The Artist Way by Julia Cameron. She has developed what has become “Nuturing Your Creative Spirit Workshops”, her favorite subject to teach. Pattie is devoted to the idea of art as a healing source for everyone.

About the Workshops

Why do we create art? To make something beautiful? Perfect an image? Express an idea? Regardless of what compels us to pick up that pencil, brush or camera, we usually have a goal in mind. And if we don’t quite capture the mellow warmth of the late afternoon sun or the graceful curve of a shoulder just right, we often feel we’ve failed somehow. But what if we were to create simply for the sake of creating and left our expectations behind?

Through the art of mask-making, book making, shrine creation, spirit cards, and many other art forms, Pattie’s workshops encourage participants to explore identity, self-transformation, and the creative spirit within. Journal writing is also used as a tool for self-reflection. The workshops provide a supportive environment to undertake an intuitive, creative journey. Always revealing and surprising, the finished art you will create is the magical end result, mirroring back to its creator an inner aspect of your own spirit.


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