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Art as therapy

Renowned artist Vincent van Gogh spent a portion of his life in an asylum, where art became a therapeutic process for him. Some biographies I’ve read describe how, during different segments of his treatment, he would be disallowed from painting for a time, which would, in turn, negatively affect his mental health. But when he was permitted to express himself artistically again, his mental health would improve. Art was therapy to Van Gogh, as it is to many of us. Art is a cathartic means of expressing our innermost feelings – and a way to identify and better understand them. Each of us uses art in his or her own special way -to cope with symptoms, stress, and anxiety; to develop social skills; and often to guide us to places we’ve been hesitant to explore within our spirit.

In my classes and workshops, I’ve seen how art-making allows my students an opportunity to create form out of chaos and assists them in helping to work through complicated issues in their lives, often without knowing it. As individuals (children and adults) work with a variety of media and discover which media suits them best, they will discover how they can help themselves through the powerful healing qualities that the art process has to offer. The fact that there is no “right or wrong” with art allows all of us, teacher and student alike to develop their self-esteem and build self-efficacy through the art process.

As we grow, and as the workshops expand, I hope to share some of the projects I use as spirit therapy… stay tuned.


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