Creative Spirit Workshops

Nurturing your creative spirit within.

Artist bio

Pattie Brooks-Anderson was born in Los Angeles in 1945. Her early influences were from the California Impressionist’s Plein-air School of Art, ever present in Southern California. The bright colors and juicy paint strokes have influenced her as an artist and continue to inspire her today.

After high school she attended San Diego State University majoring in art and teaching. She soon married and put her education on hold to raise a family, but studied art at Palomar College in North San Diego County and painting in oil and watercolor by taking workshops from many renowned art instructors, including Jeanne Dobie and Linda Doll. She has shown her watercolors in many art fairs and galleries throughout California. In addition to pursuing these avenues, Pattie worked as a freelance commercial artist for nine years.

In 1991 she returned to San Diego State and received a degree in painting and print making.In 1993 she remarried and moved to the Eastern Sierra in 1994. There she became an art teacher for Bishop High School and remained there for 7 years, teaching both commercial and fine art. On the adult school level, she taught commercial art, computer graphics, photoshop, and classes in drawing and painting. She continued to show her work at the Inyo Council for the Arts Gallery and at Pegasus Gallery in Bishop, California.While in Bishop Pattie was co-founder and instructor of the High Sierra Art Institute, a summer program for students of all ages. Students were exposed to an intensive study of music, art, and writing for three weeks each summer culminating in a production and published booklet featuring the participating students work.

In 2003, Pattie and her family moved once more to the Pacific Northwest town of Florence, Oregon. She has now opened her new studio and is busily working on her painting, book-making and design work. Presently she began instruction in her home studio featuring classes in discovering one’s creative potential based on the book The Artist Way by Julia Cameron. She has developed what has become “Nuturing Your Creative Spirit Workshops”, her favorite subject to teach.

After a few years in her new studio she decided to devote a year to following the principles that she has taught for many years to students of all ages regarding creativity. The result is a new and vibrant style that  is keeping her immersed in  process. What was going to be one year, has grown to six with a body of work that is still growing.

Because of the time she has spent with this in-depth experience of the creative process, Pattie is even more devoted to the idea of art as a healing source for everyone, by following the path home to one’s own Creative Spirit.


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