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22 Mar

If you have taken my workshop, you know that one of my biggest pieces of advice is to silence your inner critic during your creative sessions. Remember the art in your journal is what you create for you and you alone. And you know its “against the rules” to criticize your creative spirit.

So, if you have not started journaling because “you have to get it right’, forget that!… And just dive in. There are no rules.This is a place for your authentic voice to come out loud and clear. Think of your journal as your soul mate, your companion in art adventures.

Get your blank sketchbook, and whatever supplies or at hand and start with the present moment. Do you have a song going through your mind, write it in the journal, that shopping list, put it in and decorate all of it. Anything sifting through your mind is fair game for journal pages. As you proceed along check out books on creative journals for ideas and tips. Invest in a rubber stamp alphabet and any other stamps that speak to you. Use all those magazine pictures you have been saving and collage them or copies of them. Get some iridescent paint and have at it. Some journalers suggest painting a number of pages that you will then write on and embellish later. This is a good thing to do when words fail. Just let your feelings out on the page. If pages aren’t quite dry place waxed paper in between them to avoid pages from sticking. The process of keeping an art journal can be a rich and revealing creative experience.


17 Apr

This sounds like a fun idea.

says Amber

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