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Soul Collage Cards

15 Mar

In my workshops I have introduced SoulCollage® and we have made them at each workshop using the methods of Seena Frost. I think they are a wonderful way to express yourself in your creative journals. But, Seena Frost has been doing these in the form of cards for quite a few years, and I find them just fascinating to create. She refers to them as “ a personal deck of soul-tending cards.”

The idea is to make them on 5 x 8-inch cards made from stiff board like illustration board or mat board. You create a card for every aspect of yourself. You know… like the mother, the chef, the critic, the grump etc.… These are called the committee suit (of cards). The next group are cards that you make for your friends, relatives, and teachers, this is called your community suit. Another set is the companion suit, these are the animal guides that you relate to for each of your seven charkas or energy centers of the body. The last set is the council suit for the archetypes that Seena Frost calls council neters. They come from recurring themes in our lives, such as, The Great Mother, The Creator, The Shaman, The Lightbearer, The Fool, Death and… so on. Each person creates one Source card representing the Source of all energy. Each suit has a common backing on the card. Some people have created 75 or more cards. When enough are completed the cards can be dealt and “read” for insight into the self.

This is an absorbing and fun activity best done with a group, but you can do it on you own. Seena Frost wrote a book called SoulCollage®. (Soon to be out of print.) There are great examples on her website showing soul collages done by many people. I will be updating on this each month. I have completed her facilitator course on tape, so if anyone is interested we could start as an informal class using the methods as described by Seena Frost and finish as an informal group meeting monthly or more. Let me know if you would like to get together as a group for this activity. Seena Frost Has a new book out call “SoulCollage®, Evolving”. In the new book she has included 2 Transpersonal cards in addition to the Source card.

Another great source for SoulCollage® is Kaleidosoul.  Facilitator, Anne Marie Bennett has created a wonderful site for communicating the practice of SoulCollage® and even has a group on Yahoo. At her shop you can get everything you need to get started.


7 Oct

Are you teaching any watercolor..or other painting..workshops in the near future. Love your paintings.

says Sally Rolicheck
27 Jan

Sorry, I did not get back to you Sally. Do you live in the Oregon area. I have no classes planned until after March of 2011. I will put you on my class list to let you know when I have a class if you would like.

Pattie Email me at

says Pattie

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