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In my workshops I have introduced SoulCollage® and we have made them at each workshop using the methods of Seena Frost. I think they are a wonderful way to express yourself in your creative journals. But, Seena Frost has been doing these in the form of cards for quite a few years, and I find them just fascinating to create. She refers to them as “ a personal deck of soul-tending cards.”

The idea is to make them on 5 x 8-inch cards made from stiff board like illustration board or mat board. You create a card for every aspect of yourself. You know… like the mother, the chef, the critic, the grump etc.… These are called the committee suit (of cards). article continues…


10 Feb

As an artist I am most attracted to light.  The endless ways that light plays on objects is forever fascinating to me.  In my collage work I am attracted to sunlit images and reflective subjects, even in assemblage work I am always seeking the reflective piece to improve the composition. Works by other artists that are bathed in light are the most appealing to me.  In my journey as an artist I continue to learn ways to bring in the light.

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