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Gathering the Qi

27 Apr

Gathering the Qi, originally uploaded by pattiebrooks.

Even with all the creative time in the world, there is a time when a person needs to retreat to a place that feeds that individual’s soul. For each soul the place is different. One may love the power of the mountains, another may choose the sea. I have lived in the Eastern Sierras and the pull of those magnificent mountains are amazing, but my personal choice is the ocean, particularly the Oregon Coast. Though, I live here now and can be down on the beach in a flash, there is a place that captures it all for me. When I go there, I simply dissolve into nothingness. This Place is called Oregon House located about 15 miles from Florence, Oregon, and a little closer still to the tiny town of Yachats. The owner, Melita Marshall, believes that the place has been a sacred site for a millennium. The native american women resided here while the men hunted in the neighboring forest. You can feel the presence of something much more powerful than the human experience of enjoying nature. I have not met anyone who has gone to this place that has not left with a new insight into the spiritual nature of life, even if it is just a new inner peace that did not exist before. I come home refreshed and anxious to create again.


30 Nov

This sounds just the kind of place I would love to retreat to. We all need that ‘space’ now and again to just ‘be’, and to nourish our soul – how lovely to have somewhere like this!

says Claire

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