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Goddess of Flight

4 Jul

Goddess of Flight, originally uploaded by pattiebrooks.

This piece was completed recently after a dry spell of creativity and a lot of research about geese for paintings that are in the works. She was born out of the “thrift store challenge” that my altered arts group did as a project. Each of us scoured the thrift shop for items that we then re-created with lots of imagination.

The “Goddess of Flight” rules over the world of flying creatures, she is a protectress of all flying things and a talisman of courage and confidence.

The Goddess is made from a napkin holder, a metal candle holder, a wooden candle holder and a candy dish, among other things. Her face is from an old cabinet card photo.

She is the first in a series of goddesses, and is currently at the River Gallery, along with a few of her recreated friends by the Altered Arts Group.

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