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Who are we?

13 Apr

February 2006 student masks

We really have several parts to ourselves. A student in one of our 2006 Workshops shared this concept and we began an experiment to introduce ourselves to the three main personalities.  These could of course grow to hundreds after time. (See soul collage in activities.)  Here are the main three:

  • The linear or left brained self
  • The intuitive/creative or right brained self
  • Our child self or “old soul”

By giving recognition or naming these parts of ourselves, we then become to accept all aspects of our complex being. We learn to accept these parts of ourselves as personalities, and we begin to love all of them.  Integrating them allows us to be the creative souls that we are seeking. 

Each one assists us in our process of creation. We must give them all a voice. The critic is there to help when we are ready for his or her input.  The child self keeps our ideas fresh and enjoys playing and experimenting.  And finally, the creative spirit brings the inspiration that we need to begin. We call upon these parts when we need them and release them when we do not. It is easy to allow the critic to run everything.  It also may be easy for others to let the spoiled little child self destroy our lives.  The creative spirit sometimes stays hidden because the others are in control. The goal would be to let each part of yourself know that they will have their moment to shine.

Madeline is my child self. She is between 4 and 8 depending on the moment. She likes getting messy, playing with materials and is not fond of cleaning up. Harold is my linear or left brain self, he is 58. Harold likes to analize things and figure costs and pricing.  He also likes to manage my art career and points out errors in composition or color choices, Madeline rarely listens to him.  Sylvia is my intuitive/creative right brain and she is 40 or sometimes 29 when she is feeling young. Since I have given her more power, she controls both Harold and Madeline so that we can create.

Can you give names to your different sides? Try not to think about it too long. One of the women in the workshop could not find the names right away, but after she thought about it at home she discovered that she had twins for her linear side. And quickly called me to share her findings. Twins! Now that is creative!

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